Bereaved parents


You are not alone

Helping grieving parents and families rebuild their lives following the death of a child.

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    You are not alone

    We are the parents whose children have died. We are the siblings whose brothers and sisters no longer walk with us through life. We are the grandparents who have buried grandchildren.

    We come together as Bereaved Parents of the USA to provide a safe space where grieving families can connect, share our stories, and learn to rebuild our lives. We attend meetings whenever we can and for as long as we find helpful. We share our fears, confusion, anger, guilt, frustrations, emptiness, and feelings of hopelessness, knowing these emotions will be met with compassion and understanding. As we support, comfort, and encourage one another, we offer hope and healing. As we confront the deaths of our beloved children, our shared grief brings us to a common ground that transcends differences, and builds mutual understanding across boundaries of culture, race, faith, values, abilities, and lifestyle.

    Together we celebrate the lives of our children, siblings, and grandchildren, sharing the joys and the heartbreaks as well as the love that will never fade. Together, strengthened by the bonds we create, we offer what we have learned from one another to every bereaved family, no matter how recent or long ago the death.

    We are the Bereaved Parents of the USA/Sacramento, South Placer Chapter…and we welcome you!

    You are not alone

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