Bereaved parents


Monthly Parent Gatherings

Moms Gatherings
Our moms’ group meets the third Thursday of every month from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Location:  For address, please RSVP to sspccnewsletter@gmail, or call Juliet at 916.755.2202, or email to Julieat at
After a time to chat and get acquainted, we will have a group discussion on a topic focused on helping each one of use move forward on our journey.  

Dads Gatherings
Dads who are interested in attending a group for fathers who have lost a child should contact Ron Harder at, or call/text Ron at 916-806-7305.

Support for Newly Bereaved Moms
Moms whose loss is within a year are welcome to join our group just for you. For information and location, call Donna 916.338.3521, or email to, 


If you are interested in learning more about our local chapter of Bereaved Parents of the USA,  or would like to have individual support after the loss of a child, please email your request to sspccnewsletter@gmail.comA team member will respond and provide you one-on-one support.

 We are here to help.

Meeting Notes

Perhaps you wanted to attend one of our mom’s gatherings, but it just didn’t work out.  Or, you might have forgotten to bring home a copy of the discussion handouts.  You can access speaker notes, discussion recaps, and links to additional resources that were presented during our meeting!  Just click on a topic to access the information.

Identity Crisis – Facilitated by Chris Harder, Zack’s Mom

Reconciliation Markers Along Your Path of Grief – Facilitated by Jean Johnson, Judena’s Mom

Healing for a Mother’s Heart – Facilitated by Donna Hogue, Trevor’s Mom

The Birdhouse Project – A metaphor for Hope and Healing after a Crisis, created by Kris Munsch, presented by members of the Sacramento-South Placer Chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA

Grief Brain, Brain Damage, and the Wierdness of Grief – Facilitated by Teresa Welch, Robert’s Mom

True Confessions of a Grieving Mother – Facilitated by Heidi Crosbie, Scott & Christopher’s Mom

Stress and S.T.E.R.B.s  – Facilitated by Denise Pedersen, Sean’s Mom

What Makes You Feel Isolated In Your Grief? – Facilitated by Donna Woodard, Justin’s Mom

The Bereaved Mom – Facilitated by Donna Woodard, Justin’s Mom

Post Traumatic Stress – Facilitated by Suzzanne Bonn, LMFT

Grieving Styles – Facilitated by Corinne Summers, Troy’s Mom

Discover – Uncover – Recover  – Facilitated by Heidi Crosbie, Scott & Christopher’s Mom

De-Griefing After the Holidays & Re-Engaging in Life Again – Facilitated by Chris Harder, Zack’s Mom

Thanks for joining us!  We hope you find this information helpful.
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